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Contracts are an essential part of doing business because they provide the necessary protections and outline the rights and obligations of the parties. A business contracts attorney in Houston, Texas, can assist you with drafting a legally binding and valid contract that protects your interests.   

At Deborah Hubbs, Attorney & Counselor at Law, PLLC, I provide customized solutions and trusted legal assistance to individuals and entities in Houston and throughout the state of Texas, including Fort Bend County, Harris County, and Montgomery County. I understand the importance of ensuring that a business contract is drafted and negotiated properly to confirm that the rights and interests of my clients are protected.

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Common Business Contracts  

Below are some of the most common business contracts that you may come across when operating your business:  

  • Non-disclosure agreement. This type of legal contract prohibits the signing party from sharing confidential information, intellectual property, and trade secrets with third parties.   

  • Partnership agreement. As the name implies, a partnership agreement is a contract signed between two or more business partners. The agreement outlines the obligations and responsibilities of the signing parties, specifies their ownership interest, and covers other aspects of operating a partnership.   

  • Indemnity agreement. Also known as a “hold harm clause,” an indemnity agreement determines the potential financial responsibility of the signing party.   

  • Property/equipment lease. In these contracts, the lessor (the owner of the property or equipment) allows the lessee (the party who rents property or equipment) to use their property or equipment for a specified period in exchange for compensation.    

  • Employment contracts. General employment contracts are some of the most common contracts in business law. These contracts outline the relationship between the employer and the employee and cover such aspects of employment as compensation, grounds for termination, duration, and others.

  • Independent contractor agreements. These contracts outline the business relationship for those people and/or companies providing you or your company services for which you issue a 1099.   

A business contracts attorney in Houston, Texas, can help you with every type of contract you need to operate your business. 

Why Establishing Enforceable
Contracts Is Important  

A contract can have a profound effect on the success of your business. A properly drafted and enforceable contract can protect your business’s interests and help you mitigate the potential risks of operating a business.   

A legally enforceable contract is a valuable tool that helps your business operate smoothly. Every contract you sign while operating your business should be taken seriously. Do not enter into an agreement without having a skilled attorney review the contract to understand its terms. 

Essential Elements of a Binding Contract  

A contract must meet the following requirements (elements) to be considered legally binding under Texas law:  

  1. An offer. A legally binding contract begins with an offer that must be effectively communicated to the signing parties. The offer must contain definite terms.   

  1. Acceptance. Once the offer is communicated, the signing party must accept it. Acceptance must be unconditional and absolute.   

  1. Mutual consideration. Mutual consideration refers to an exchange of value between parties. In many contracts, mutual consideration is monetary compensation.   

  1. Capacity. The parties cannot enter into an agreement if they do not have legal capacity. In Texas, the party who signs a contract must be an adult (at least 18 years of age) and have the mental capacity to understand the terms of the contract.   

  1. Legal purpose. A contract cannot be enforceable if it contains illegal provisions or is made for an illegal reason.   

  1. In-writing. Texas law requires certain contracts to be in writing to be legally enforced.    

As a business contracts attorney at Deborah Hubbs, Attorney & Counselor at Law, PLLC, I assist clients in Houston, Texas, and other parts of the state with contracts and other business law matters.   

Common Mistakes to Avoid
When Drafting a Business Contract  

Business owners who do not understand the law may make mistakes when drafting or signing contracts. Some of the mistakes can have devastating consequences, which can adversely affect your business. Common mistakes include:  

  • Using DIY contract forms from the internet. There are countless ready-made business contract forms available online. However, a DIY contract downloaded from the Internet may not suit the unique needs and circumstances of your business.   

  • Signing without reading the contract. Unfortunately, many business owners skim and sign contracts without delving into the details or signing without even opening the contract.   

  • Not knowing which provisions to include in the contract. There are many things a business contract can contain to protect your business’s interests and minimize risks. If you do not know what to include, the contract may be missing out on vital provisions.   

  • Not negotiating the terms you do not agree with. In most cases, the terms of business contracts are negotiable. However, it is vital to understand how to negotiate in order to change the terms you do not like.   

  • Not seeking legal advice before signing the contract. Any business contract you sign can have a major effect on your business, revenue, liability risks, and the operation of your business as a whole. You do not want to put your business at risk by signing the contract without consulting with an attorney first.   

Seek the assistance of a competent lawyer to help you draft, review, or negotiate a business contract before you sign anything.

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As a business contracts attorney in Houston, Texas, I am dedicated to providing personalized legal service to clients throughout the state. At Deborah Hubbs, Attorney & Counselor at Law, PLLC, I help clients prepare and negotiate the terms of their business contracts to protect them from potential pitfalls and avoid disputes. You can schedule a consultation today to discuss your business contract needs. I proudly serve clients in Harris County, Montgomery County, and Fort Bend County, Texas.