Energy Business Attorney
in Houston, Texas

The energy business is full of great people with innovative talents who deliver products that are in demand and in need in our world. Energy lifts people out of poverty. It provides warmth and light…and I’m proud to have been a part of this business.

My career in energy actually began in law school where I served as an assistant to Professor Owen Anderson. Professor Anderson has co-authored the International Energy Transactions casebook and the Oil and Gas Casebook, both of which I assisted by conducting research on various energy-related issues. I also updated the Kuntz Oil and Gas Treatise.

I was recruited by several energy companies in law school and soon went to work as a landman to learn the business side of oil and gas. I worked and negotiated numerous leases, joint ventures, and operating agreements in the Lower 48 including the Austin Chalk, Eagleford, Marcellus, Bakken, and the Michigan basin. This afforded an opportunity to co-author the book Land and Leasing through the University of Texas Petroleum Extension and to serve as the Chair and Editor-in-Chief of the Oil and Gas Newsletter for the American Bar Association. During this time, I also served on the board of Women’s Energy Network.

I've also worked on many transactions for the sale of assets and companies in most of the lower 48 shale plays to ensure my clients didn't suffer from needless write downs in the purchase price due to avoidable issues. Planning and preparation are the key to obtaining the best price for your company, and also to ensure that on the buy-side you aren't hit with any unexpected issues when the deal closes and suffer buyer's remorse.  

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I eventually evolved into an attorney role and was recruited served as General Counsel for both privately-held and publicly traded companies using the expertise I had learned on the business side to advise my clients on the risks associated with key business and legal decisions. Never taking my business hat off, I also managed Human Resources, IT, Environmental, Health & Safety, Compliance, and served as an Officer of a publicly-traded company as the Corporate Secretary. These positions allowed me to have a seat at the table in the C-Suite where I was a trusted advisor to the Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers. The breadth of my diverse experience both in shale basins and in leading departments allowed me to have interdisciplinary thinking about how all these parts integrate together so I could best advise my clients and help them execute plans for success. I have negotiated several energy deals, the biggest being a $6B sale of a subsidiary in the Eagleford shale for a privately held private equity-backed company. Yet, I have also negotiated deals with creditors during the downtime for cents on the dollar and helped restructure corporate debt.

Most recently I have also worked with management teams seeking capital and evaluating energy deals. Some of the teams are more experienced than others, so I tailor my advice to the level needed given the client.

Many of the contracts I help draft and negotiate are nondisclosure agreements, employment agreements, oil and gas leases, drilling contracts, surface use agreements, joint operating agreements, purchase and sale agreements, assignments, loan agreements, joint venture agreements, marketing agreements, and others.

The energy business is changing, and we must adapt or fail. The strength of my background affords me the ability to be flexible and to synthesize information quickly so my clients can successfully pivot in this new era of energy. Figuring out how to produce fossil fuels with appropriate targets for environmental, social, and governance goals while being a hot topic is not new a new one. Learning how to be both a producer of fossil fuels and a producer of renewable energy is a possibility that many companies should and are considering.

I can help you achieve these goals, serving as an attorney by the hour, by the project, or even serving as a virtual general counsel. If you would like to discuss how I can help, please give me a call.